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Sugaring originated from ancient Egypt and is a safe and natural
method of hair removal. Some benefits of sugaring to waxing

1. 50% less painful (sugar only sticks to hair)
2. No risk of burning (sugar paste is applied at body temperature)
3. 100% holistic (water, sugar, lemon, and honey - you can eat it!)
4. Leads to permanency
5. Can be applied to 99% of the human body
6. Water soluble, therefore prevents formation of ingrown hairs
7. Easy to wash off (a damp cloth would do)

Sugaring pricing

  Underarms $15
  Half Arms $25
  Full Arms + Shoulders $40
  Half Back $30
  Shoulders $25
  Full Back + Shoulders $45
  Belly $25
  Chest $35
  Chest + Belly $45
  Buttock $30
  Brazilian $45
  Brazilian + Buttock $60
  Half Legs $35
  Full Legs + Bikini $55
  Full Legs + Brazilian $85
  Full Body $145
  Full Body + Brazilian $165
  Back, Belly + Chest $85

10% off for students, with proof of proper identification.

With all sugaring sessions, I will blend the hairline to achieve
a balanced, symmetrical and natural look.

Before treatments:

  • Make sure hair is long enough (at least 5mm)
  • If you have long hair, trim to about 10mm (otherwise, I will trim
       it for you for $10)
  • Make sure skin is clean and dry
  • No creams, or deodorant 12 hours prior
  • No tanning (natural or artificial) 24 hours prior

After treatment:

  • Avoid touching freshly sugared area(s) with dirty hands
  • No hot (warm is fine) baths or showers within 12 hours
  • No moisturizers, creams, or deodorants for 12 hours
  • No tanning (natural or artificial) for 24 hours
  • Wear loose cotton clothing over sugared areas
  • Avoid working out (sweat triggers ingrown hairs) for 12-24 hours

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

Gently exfoliate 2-3 days a week to help prevent ingrown hairs,
breakouts, and to maintain your skin in good condition between
sugaring treatments. Do not forget to also moisturize your skin!

Varicose Veins: majority can usually be treated
Diabetics: sugaring is the preferred method (other techniques may
   damage skin).

Individuals with skin diseases or on medications with similar
effects on the skin like Accutane should not sugar or wax.

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