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Do you use lotion?
   For Massage: Biotone Creme
   For Sugaring: Sugar of the Nile

Do you provide receipts for massage sessions?
  No, I do not.

Do you work on a table or bed?
  I always work on a table.

Where are you located?
   I am in downtown Toronto off of Yonge Street between
   Wellesley and College (3-minutes from Wellesley
   subway station). Map It!

Do you travel for outcalls?
   Unfortunately, I do not have a car to transport my table
   so I do not travel.

Do you have any pets?
   No pets.

Am I Covered?
  This is your massage, so whatever makes you feel comfortable
   draped or undraped.

Do you use fresh sheets?
   Absolutely. I use freshly laundered sheets, towels, and
  disposable face-paper for each client.

May I use your shower?
   Yes, you may shower before and/or after. I have a wide variety
   of high-quality soaps and shampoos.

Is sugaring painful?
   Anytime hair is pulled from the root, there will be discomfort.
   Some areas are more sensitive than others. Everybody has
  different sensitivity levels - I have had some clients sleep
  through the session.

How frequently should I sugar?
  Usually every 4 weeks - it really depends on how fast your hair
   grows. Over time, sugaring does slow hair growth so frequency
   should decrease.

How frequently should I shave and/or trim?
   About every 2 weeks, depending on hair growth.

What is Brazilian?
  Brazilian is the groin and buttocks area.

Do you work with women?
  Although most of my clients are men, women are welcome.
   Working on women is usually easier since they have less and
   finer body hair.

Can I sugar my privates?
  Absolutely, sugaring is one of the few hair removal techniques
   that is recommended for privates since it is gentler than waxing
   because it is safer and not hot.

If I subscribe to be notified of promotions, will I get junk mail?
  No, your name and email address will be confidential and not
  shared with anybody. I will only send promotional emails from
  time to time.

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